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New or replacement Arboe tile roofing has an elegant charm that is perfect for nearly any home. It’s also a durable choice as far as materials go, because tile roofs tend to last much longer than traditional asphalt shingled ones do. If you’ve been considering a tile roof, or are in the market for a roof replacement, allow us to connect you with a contractor who will do the work at an affordable price.

Tiled roofs do not rust, warp, or corrode when exposed to the elements, which makes them a preferred choice over metal or wood shingles. They are also known for their insulation properties, and will help keep you warmer in Winter. In fact, their insulation properties also help shield people from noise as well. Tile roofing is sometimes chosen for commercial buildings because it is fire resistant and safer than many other materials that are on the market today.

Arboe tile roofing costs

Arboe Tile Roofing Costs

Typical Arboe tile roofing prices will depend a great deal on the size of your roof and its current condition. If repairs need to be made to your eaves or rafters before installing tile, this will raise the cost of your project accordingly. Likewise, if your roof is difficult to access, or has a steep or unusual pitch to it, you can expect a higher estimate as well. Not all contractors are experienced in laying tile roofs, which is why you should use a knowledgeable installer, even if doing so costs you a bit more money in the long run.

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Getting estimates on Arboe tile roof installation is easier than ever, thanks to our easy online service. In just a few moments, you could be on your way to receiving free, no-obligation quotes direct from contractors who have already been pre-screened for reliability. You’re just a few clicks away from free estimates, so why not go ahead and get started?

Your Arboe tile roofing questions answered

What are the advantages of tile roofing?

The primary advantage is longevity. Tile roofs usually come with a warranty of 50 years, but will last quite a while longer. They are also fireproof, because the tiles are not combustible, and are resistant to rot and insect damage.

Are there any disadvantages?

Tile roofs are very heavy, so the roofing structure may have to be reinforced to support the weight. They can also be very fragile, and require more maintenance than other styles of roofing.

Is it possible to tile over my Arboe shingled roof?

This is not recommended in most cases, because it would result in too much weight being placed on the roof. An inspection should be performed ahead of time to ensure your roof is structurally sound enough for tile.

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